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My BB Keeps Rebooting!!!!

I went through a several month period of time where my new BB 9650 would reboot every couple of hours. This went on for 4 months. Here is what I did to troubleshoot the problem:

First check that your battery fits tightly against the posts. You may need to insert part of a business card as a shim to snug it up.

May be a corrupt 3rd party app or setting

1.  Backup with BB DM. Reload OS without any 3rd party apps. Also, do not restore any preferences, options or settings, just the important stuff like emails, SMS, calendar and address book. I did this several times and it would fix the problem for only about a day or two.

Still rebooting/freezing

2.  Copy all SD card files/folders to your laptop. Reformat the SD card and copy everything back.

Still rebooting/freezing

3.  May be a corrupt database. Create a free Gmail account and add it to your BB. Go into your gmail setup on your BB and tell it to sync contacts and calendar. Once all your contacts and calendar are on the web version of Gmail, turn off the sync on on your BB. Open DM and select Delete Data to delete all Calendar and Contact information. Once this is done, your address book and calendar should be empty. Next turn on the sync for both Contacts and Calendar in the gmail setup on your BB. This may take up to 30 minutes for everything to download. Once that is done, do a battery pull and *228. You can turn off the sync for both once everything is successfully restored, if you want.

You need to use Gmail to restore your contacts and calendar because it seems that backing up and restoring with DM just puts the same corrupt database back on your BB. Go figure?!?

Step 3.  is what finally fixed my 9650. It seems I had a corrupt calendar. Hope this helps.

How to Stop Work Emails from Popping Up On Your BB While at Work

So you’re at work with your BB lying on your desk (waiting for notifications from OSBB that a new hybrid has come out!) and your desktop computer notifies you that you have a new work email. Seconds later your BB notifies you of the same email! Arrgggghhhhh!!!! If you get a lot of emails, this can get a little annoying to say the least. You usually delete the email on your phone and answer the one on your desktop computer; full keyboard, big screen, it is just easier.

Here’s how to solve that. When you get to work and while you’re firing up the ole desktop, go into your BB Email Settings, log in to BIS, click on your work email and choose ‘Filters’ from your short menu. For ‘When no filters apply’ choose ‘Do not forward messages to the device’. Next set an appointment on your calendar for quitting time to remind you to go back into your email settings and edit the filter so it will forward to your BB again.

You don’t have to set an alarm on your calendar to remind you to turn on the filter in the morning when you get to work because when you get your first work email and your BB annoyingly alerts you of the same email . . . . believe me, that will remind you to turn on that filter.

Losing your memory or is your Content Store getting too big?

I thought I was losing my memory...is that a memory leak??? What was happening to it? I start with 270+ after installing a most excellent OSBB hybrid and then...slowly...over a period of a few weeks my memory would deteriorate...on my BB too! Well I think I found out what the "memory leak" really is. It is 3rd party apps storing information in the Content Store. Over a period of time it can get HUGE! Mine got up to 20+ MB. What make matter worse is that when you backup and restore with DM, you just move that big ole Content Store from your BB to your back up and back to your BB again. Here is my memory after about a week.

To check how much is lost to the content store, go to Options, Device and Status Information, hit the menu key and select Database Sizes where you scroll down to Content Store.

The next time you hook up to DM, just select Delete Data from the menu, choose Specific Data and scroll down to Content Store (see below).

After you delete the Content Store, reboot and you’ll see you’ve recovered the same amount of data (see below)

I do this about once a week or so, when I do my regular back up.


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