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Don Berzley

Don Berzley

Co-Founder of OSBB. BlackBerry 10 app developer. Father of a son with Cystic Fibrosis.

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Blackberry outage, make or break for RIM?

As many of us know Blackberry service was interrupted this past week worldwide. Does this mean RIM is doomed? No, it does not. RIM relies on the BIS servers to function, these are RIM owned and operated. They are worldwide, and use a lot of capital every year to maintain.

When a switch in a system this size fails it causes a major backlog, which will cause a bottleneck in the system. This bottleneck cause things to function slower than normal, think of it like taking a hose and putting a kink in it. The water flows out at a lot slower rate than it did before flow was restricted.

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Adobe offers free Flash Builder @DevCon

So, in my early morning web surfing, I logged into facebook to see a post from Blackberry Developer Community. It looks as if Adobe is giving a free copy (a $450 value) of Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 Premium to attendees of DevCon. Looks like Adobe and RIM are really teaming up for developer support of Playbook and in the near future BBX.

For more info on Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 Premium click here: Adobe

Fishloader: A 'must have' application for your BlackBerry


So, when the guys at OSBB started working on 362v2 I was away from a computer for the day. Being that all OSBB hybrids are community builds, I was feeling a little left out. How was I to collaborate on a community build with out my computer? Then I remembered about a great new application released by LsPhone in collaboration with our very own SCrid2000: Fishloader.

How did this solve my issue you may ask? Well, to answer that question, you will have to continue to read.

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BIS outages in North America???

Some people in North America are reporting BIS outages this morning. I for one am one of the lucky ones has not had any issues, but I know quite a few people who are experiencing issues.

Is the massive (can we call it Worldwide) outage over the last few days part of a bigger picture? Is there more to the BIS 4.1 upgrade than RIM has led us to believe?

DevCon is right around the corner, let's see if RIM has something to surprise us with!

Official RIM service-status page regarding the outage. Click Here

Import – Export your Contacts with Free DropBox Application

 I have talked in the past about how much I enjoy the DropBox for Blackberry application, and Jake from bbthemepark, asked me if I noticed you could Import and export your contacts via DropBox which I hadn’t.

If you have the free DropBox for BlackBerry application, simply go to your contacts and hit the menu key and select either export or import.  I have quite a few contacts and was actually surprised how quick it exported.

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