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Jeremy Duke

Jeremy Duke

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Future QNX Development at RIM

Contrary to what many of you read on tech blogs and the liken there are bright spots in RIM’s future. With the acquisition of QNX Systems, RIM not only established a platform for its Playbook tablet, but also started on a course towards Open Source and standards based development.

QNX Neutrino is a standards based operating system that allows a developer to leverage flash, HTML, CSS, and C++ development to create dynamic user experiences in days and weeks rather than in months and years.

GAME REVIEW - ToFu! for PlayBook

The devs over at HotGen(@HotGenLTD), creators of Spacelings, are at it again! HotGen recently brought their highly successful game, ToFu, to the Playbook Platform!


Introducing To-Fu: the world’s most malleable martial artist.

Join our stretchy protagonist as he gets ready to undertake the infamous ‘Trials of Chi’.

This Friday...


As I sit here on today, Friday September 23, 2011 listening to music on my BlackBerry Bold 9650 and wonder about the future of the company that created and manufactured this device, A few things come to mind. RIM began in the mid 1990s working with Ericsson, and shortly after launching the 950 Inter@ctive Pager, RIM devices established a standard in mobile messaging that is, in my opinion, still unrivaled. Since then RIM has, until recently, enjoyed total domination in the business world as the most reliable messaging/email network available on a mobile device.

As of late, RIM has been facing stout competition in the realm of smartphones, but RIM’s heritage is built on mobile to mobile messaging and email—not on the amazing features we associate with smartphones today. Although RIM is the father of the smartphone market, their heritage really is built on the most used feature of BlackBerrys—messaging.

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