Two new Playbook apps from OSBB now available in App World!

The team here at OSBB has been hard at work brushing up on our app development skills and we are happy to report we have our first Playbook apps now available in App World!

'Reddit TV' and 'The Federalist Papers' are our first two apps, and we hope to push out many more Playbook apps as we learn more and more about Playbook app development.

Hit the break for details and App World links



'Reddit TV' is an OSBB app for easily and quickly browsing videos from The app comes pre-loaded with a set of popular subreddits, and users can load any of the subreddits available by typing them in the 'subreddit' field and tapping the 'Load' button.

With 'Reddit TV' we spent a good amount of time making sure the app was tablet friendly, including the addition of a swipe carousel of videos within a given subreddit located below the active video.

Get Reddit TV from App World here


The second app, 'The Federalist Papers' is more of a publication than an app, but it is an app nonetheless. It features an independent scollable navigation panel where users can select any of the 85 Essays contained within the document. When an essay is selected it is viewable in the a separate, scrollable viewing panel for easy reading. There are also 'Next' and 'Previous' buttons on the reading panel to allow users to quickly move from one article to the next (or previous).

Get The Federalist Papers from App World here

Give these apps a try and let us know what you think!

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