Turn your Wordpress site in to a native BlackBerry app (for free)!


If you haven't noticed, OpenSourceBB now has an official native BlackBerry app! (you can download here OTA). The best thing about our app is that is was completely free from JoeMobi! Currently, only native apps for BlackBerry handsets are supported, but HTML5 and Android support is coming soon!

Joe Mobi is a both a Wordpress plug-in and a website where you can setup, design, and share your custom app.  From their website, you upload your logo, set the color scheme for your app, provide the url of your Wordpress blog, click publish, and you are done!

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Creating your application is dead simple:

Step 1

Install the JoeMobi plugin into your WordPress blog, and begin the design process for developing your own BlackBerry application.

Step 2

Make your app unique by uploading your blog logo, icon, backgrounds and color settings.

Step 3

Download and share your new BlackBerry application with your users, whether on the app store or via direct download.

Users who download your app not only get a fully functional native app that displays your blog posts, they also get push notifications to notify them of new blog posts!

If you have a website powered by Wordpress, we very highly recommend JoeMobi !

And don't forget to download the official OSBB app by clicking or scanning the barcode below:

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