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Earlier today, we reached out to Polarbit to get some answers to questions submitted to us via our Twitter followers. Not only did Polarbit respond, but Yann, with Polarbit, responded extremely promptly. Polarbit believes the Playbook is a great platform for gaming... Hit the break to read the full interview.

Below is the interview in its entirety (questions italicized, answers in bold):


How have your Playbook games been selling on App World?

We don't know, we just released our entire portfolio for the BB Playbook,

we didn't even have the time to send out a press release :)  but we have

high expectations.


How did you find the process of porting and submitting your games into

BlackBerry App World?

Pretty much straight forward. It's a native environment which we are very

use to work with.


Are you pleased with the gaming/graphics rendering capabilities of the


Very much, the Playbook is displaying an impressive performance.


Did Polarbit utilize the official Blackberry Playbook Native

Development Kit (NDK) in porting your game titles?

Yes, we added support for it on Fuse, our middleware solution which we use

to develop all of our games.


The 'Reckless' series is a very popular Polarbit franchise, what other

Polarbit titles can Playbook owners expect to see in App World soon?

At the moment they can find all our games, as you said the Reckless

series, the Raging Thunder series and a lot of other great titles and

we'll try to keep porting new upcoming titles if it performs as expected.


What is the most successfully selling Polarbit game for the Playbook?

Ask me in a couple of months ;)


Are you finding the discoverability of your apps in App World to be

very beneficial since the Playbook app catalog is relatively small at

this point?

Makes sense but we don't know yet.


How many titles does Polarbit currently have on iOS, Android, and

other platforms?

We have around 15 titles published and 3 upcoming titles that we'll launch

before Christmas



Does BlackBerry App World make it easy for developers to promote their


We haven't explore yet all the possibilities.


Lastly, are you excited to have your games in App World for the

Playbook and what are your overall impressions about the QNX/Playbook


Yes we are very excited, it's a great platform for game developers, RIM

has been very responsive bringing a platform to place that fulfils

developers needs.  

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