RIM wants boots on the ground in Silicon Valley

In an article dated October 20, 2011, Bloomberg is reporting that the new head of developer relations at RIM, Alec Saunders, wants "...a team on the ground here in Silicon Valley, going to developer events and meeting with developers all the time."

The information in the Bloomberg article is gleamed from a DevCon interview with Mr. Saunders.  Bloomberg also spends the usual amount of time discussing RIM's prospects and casting doubt on whether or not RIM has enough time to recover and remain a major player in a market RIM helped to create.

At OSBB, we are quickly embracing Alec Saunder's technique, as he is really focusing on telling RIM's story and recruiting developers--which is what he is supposed to do. So, what do you guys think?

Click here to read the entire Bloomberg Article

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