Replace your defunct Bridge apps on Playbook 2.0

From the team that brought you the original 'workaround' for Blackberry Bridge on Playbook OS2, comes another and even easier way to utilize BlackBerry Bridge apps.

The original workaround we posted required you to use your main Internet browser or Bridge Browser, and you would have to use tabs to switch between Bridge apps.  Well, with the encouragement of @blkscorp33 , I created new "apps' that can operate in a standalone fashion--freeing up your browser and tabs.

Hit the break to get the goods...

There are limitations...

  • These will not replace the existing Bridge apps
  • You will still not be able to tap the notifications bar to open bridge apps
There are also benefits...
  • These apps can run independent from each other
  • You don't have to use your browser
I put these into a folder by themselves called 'BB Bridge' on my Playbook homescreen, but you can do whatever you want :P

Your Playbook must be bridged to your BlackBerry for these to function

Also,in order for these to work you must be familiar with sideloading apps onto your Playbook.  Also, I only created and signed the four Bridge apps pictured above (messages,BBM,calendar,and contacts).  I will try to finish Memopad and Tasks tomorrow, but I figured these were the top 4.

So, to sum it up... Download these, sideload, (make sure you are bridged), and enjoy!

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