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Bubble Bash 2 Review (user submitted)

First off I would like to say that those who make reviews on BlackBerry AppWorld, should tell the truth. STOP FABRICATING! I would not have downloaded this game because of the reviews if I didn't listen to my "gut instincts". With all that said, I am happy to do an honest review on a game that was a complimentary gift from a company who cares about its consumers. :)

So here's the scoop. I downloaded Bubble Bash with the full intent that it was going to pass the time away at work, and that it has. Unlike the reviews on AppWorld, I have yet to experience lag, restart, and/or trouble with the track pad. Start-up time is decent and swift. I was expecting to be disappointed when first downloading the game, because the wait symbol was "hanging around" for quite a long time. But, boy did this game really prove itself to me.

The graphics and sound are a good combination. A review on AppWorld said that the graphics look like it’s in the 1980's. I have to differ. The graphics are not 3D by any means but they are pretty stellar. Pictures look like they would on my laptop; crisp, clear, and fluid movement. The opening music is "catchy". Possibly making you "bob your head" to the kiddie tune. :) The action sounds are very clear, keeping you glued to your game.

I am an avid video game player, especially on my phone and Playbook. I would let my 2month old son play on my phone just to play this game. It is very idiot proof. No technical smarts required. The track pad moves easily or you can, (check this out), touch your screen. This game is user friendly and I'm going out on a limb here to say, that is the intention of the builder. :)

Although some phones probably will not have as good reviews for this game as I have presented for the 9850 but I'm hopeful that you can still enjoy the game like I have. So fellow BlackBerry users, GAME ON! I'm sure that the other complimentary apps will be just as savvy but I am satisfied with this game until then.

The ONE and ONLY Ms.B

Don Berzley

Co-Founder of OSBB. BlackBerry 10 app developer. Father of a son with Cystic Fibrosis.

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