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Introducing the Official OSBB App for BlackBerry 10

The Official OSBB App for BB10 is now live! The Official OSBB App for BB10 is now live!

Earlier today, the official OSBB App for BlackBerry was approved and appeared in the BlackBerry World storefront. We are excited to have an app available that is native, beautiful, and developed soley by us here at OSBB. Version 1.0 of the app is available for both the full touch and QWERTY BlackBerry 10 devices running BlackBerry 10.1 or higher and is, of course, free.  



When designing the OSBB app, we wanted to show our respect to the BlackBerry UI guidelines, but we also wanted to be a little different, so in the news feeds we added a brief description of each article that can be show or hidden with a single tap of the button located just to the right of the title. If the brief description grabs your interest, the full article can be viewed by tapping the list item.




Search Feature

When building the search feature into the app, we wanted to mimic the native search present in native BB10 apps such as the File Manager, and we believe we nailed it.  The search feature will allow you to quickly locate whatever it is that you are looking for.




Category Filtering

Hiding just above each topic specfic list, is a dropdown menu that will allow you to get more specific results, and allow you to dive a bit deeper. The dropdown is available in the Reviews section, Resources section, and The Rest section.

While we are definitely excited to have the official OSBB app available, we are even more excited to improve it and further develop it, so let us know what features you would like to see in the app, and as always, happy coding!

Download the Official OSBB App today!


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