LocalBar2 for BlackBerry 10

First, a special thank you to Yohanes who shared his code with me to allow the BB10 port to be built.

I am proud to present a BlackBerry 10 release for LocalBar2!


  • Z10 release
  • 2 Q10 releases (one scaled, an one shrunk)
  • Notifies users on new version release
  • Resized graphics
  • Added full name fade view on press
  • 100 items (oh yes)
  • 6 classes
  • 60 quests *

* Note: This will make more sense later to some folks.

Known Bugs:

  • Closes when miminized
  • Slow launch
  • Not as aware of BAR success as predecessor


Lloyd Summers

My name is Lloyd Summers and I'm from Calgary Alberta, Canada. 

I'm a part-time developer in the evenings, and a full time IT Consultant in the daytime, specializing in Project Management and Solution Design.  I focus on all kinds of hardware, software and opensource development.

Follow Me On Twitter - @kerm_ed

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