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BB10 Launch

RIM is now rebranded as BlackBerry. One Product, one company. Thorsten Heins thanks Dan Dodge, Mike Lazardis, Jim Basille for getting the company to this direction and point. He also thanks the employees for their hard work.

BlackBerry 10 is the starting line not the finish line. The two devices are the Q10 and the Z10. The Z10 is the touchscreen device 4.2" and 356ppi. The Q10 is the keyboard device.

We aspire to fix the 2 device problem for enterprises. This would be done with the BlackBerry Balance. Your work and personal lives are very blended today. Each side work and personal is encrypted and secure.

Introducing new features on BlackBerry Messenger, we wanted to build mobile computing into BlackBerry Messenger. Vivek Demos and shows the first BBM video call. There is screen sharing built into BBM on BB10.

There is a new feature BlackBerry Remember which is used to remember things for different things you may need. it puts any type of content in there. Evernote is also integrated into it.

Tap to take a picture and u can adjust focus with the camera. The timeshift camera takes a picture and you can zoom into the persons face. BlackBerry 10 also has a image editor built into the device. You can create filters and other features for images. You can also use StoryMaker with media and images you take.

With BlackBerry 10 you can do anything you want with one swipe.

We will launch with an incredible amount of video, tv shows and media from all 8 studios.

Marty Mallick says "We already have over 70,000 apps in BlackBerry World today." We know that having a selection is critical but people look for their favorite apps as well. We have Skype, Whats app, SAP, and other top apps about 1000. We started by identifying our top targets for global and local brands. It is important that you get the content that you want. Our partners success is our success. Nobody will feel they are lacking in content and apps in BlackBerry 10. Its a new BlackBerry

*Image credit: http://devblog.blackberry.com/

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