Download links for all PlayBook and Dev Alpha OSes

For the most current version of this list, head to:
BB10 OSes
PlayBook OSes 

I finally got around to uploading all the PlayBook, PlayBook 4G, and Dev Alpha OSes to the cloud.
They were all uploaded to the new Mega, because all the other free file storage sites either had too low of a file upload size or deleted your shared files after x days. Mega doesn't seem to do either of those, although it does seem to deny you the ability to download anything unless you're using Google Chrome (which I imagine Google pays them for?). So sorry for any inconvenience, but if you use Opera or Firefox, you might have to download Chrome to get these to work.

Note: If you are running OS2, you  generally CANNOT downgrade more than one OS revision.
Also, the most recent Dev Alpha OSes do not work on the PlayBook.

That being said:

PlayBook OS1

PlayBook OS2 Betas

PlayBook OS2 Official

4G PlayBook

Dev Alpha

Dev Alpha Autoloaders

Hope some people find these useful!
If you have trouble with any downloads, just let us know!

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