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Marmalade Free PlayBook offer Closed "Due to Exceptional Demand"

There hasn't been a lot of posting going on here at OSBB in the last few weeks; RIM is ramping up for the BlackBerry 10 release, and most of the OSBB/OSBBx team is insanely busy getting apps ported to and made for BlackBerry 10; however, I saw a little something the other day that seems to be some potentially good news for RIM.

You might remember the offer from Marmalade that granted developers up to a full year indie license of Marmalade and a 32 gb PlayBook. The terms of the offer said that it would be open from September 19 until January 19.
Well, yesterday I went to Marmalade's website and the program had been closed "Due to exceptional demand." So an offer that was intended to last for four months barely lasted more than one.

Anyone who already registered for the offer should still be good, but if you haven't registered yet it looks like you're out of luck.

So this might be some bad news for some Devs, but it's good news for RIM. "Exceptional Demand" for this offer means two things:
1. A lot of devs, people with the necessary skills to make some truly amazing apps and games jumped on an offer that requires them to develop an app for the BlackBerry PlayBook. I spent some time working with Marmalade, it's definitely a powerful toolkit (with many features beyond my developing capabilities). So there's no doubt that some truly amazing games and apps should be coming to the PlayBook and BlackBerry 10 as a result of this offer. We can hope (and I would argue, expect) these developers to continue to develop for BlackBerry once they see how easy it is to port their existing code to the BlackBerry (some marmalade signing problems not withstanding).
2.  Despite what a lot of the talk online is, this deal went fast, and it probably wouldn't have (in my opinion) if the offer had just been for a free Marmalade SDK.  Taking into account that people will generally take just about anything if its free, there's a general consensus among tech blogs and the NYT that no one wants BlackBerrys. Apparently, no one told developers that.

If you'd like to check out some simple Marmalade apps that have been made from the free Marmalade offer, here's a few from OSBBx members that you can download now:

IBS Helper (free)

Shipwrecked (free)

If you know of any other apps that were made with Marmalade, post them in the comments!

Shane Cridlebaugh

Co-founder and legal nay-sayer of OSBB. Owner of SCrApps Application Development, WebWorks aficionado, Open Source contributor. SCrid2000 on most blogs. I build awesome BlackBerry apps when I'm not doing legal work or spending time with my wife and two boys.

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