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Space TV for BlackBerry PlayBook

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Space TV for PlayBook[/caption]


With NASA's recent success with landing the Curiosity rover (Mars Science Laboratory) on the surface of Mars, many individuals have become more interested in NASA, and by extension space. Space TV, the app, was created to provide users with a simple and responsive interface in which to display the NASA TV live video stream.

The version of Space TV currently available in appworld uses the UStream flash video interface for both the main NASA TV stream and the ISS live stream. However, in the version now pending approval in App World, I have removed the UStream version of the main stream and replaced it with video streamed using the PlayBook's native media player. This greatly improved the reliability and performance of the app.

Additionally, users can choose between 3 connection speeds to optimize the video stream based on the connection being used by the PlayBook (See image above). Having the ability to select connection speed allows users to stream super high quality HD with high speed wifi, but also gives the user the ability to stream slightly lower quality video via the BlackBerry Bridge connection when out and about.

Check it out in App World!

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