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BIG congratulations to @KMCooley: this month’s BlackBerry Fan of the Month!

Kim July FOTM

Kim July FOTM

Its a new month and that means one thing, a new BlackBerry Fan of the Month. We here at OSBB dont normally post about the Fan of the Month, but this month is a different story.
This months Fan of the Month is part of the OSBB extended family and one person I am proud to call a good friend.
Kimberly Cooley (@KMCooley) has been a very influential part in the BlackBerry community. She has a strong faith in BlackBerry and the community. I recently had a chance to speak with Kim on a more personal basis.

What thoughts went through your mind when you found out that you were selected as RIM's FOTM for July?

I was very appreciative though surprised. There are soooo many great members of Team Blackberry online, so for a second, I had the “why me” moment but quickly got over it. Ha

What prominent person would you compare yourself to and why?

President Barack Obama because of his firm stance on not giving up his BlackBerry. The weight of responsibility clearly doesn’t determine one’s salary or worth, but it does determine what device he/she carries. His Secret Service critics equate to my everyday BlackBerry nay-sayers.

Who is your personal hero?

My dad, Ozell. 1944-1996

I know about 8 months ago you were contemplating leaving BlackBerry behind. Why were you gonna leave, and what was the deciding factor to stay #TeamBlackBerry?

I pretty much experienced the ‘walls all coming down around’ you moment, and simply got tired of fighting, got tired of defending, and got tired of seemingly being lied to. Thankfully, a good friend @blkscorp33 sat me down and had a heart to heart BBM conversation and encouraged me to stay the course and stay loyal to the brand that has stayed loyal to me and proven itself time and time again. This is a prime example of the type of support RIM needs now in this very moment. There I was a 10 year BlackBerry veteran close to the edge, but the BlackBerry community pulled me back in.

How do you view RIM's future with the new BB10 and devices?

I’m optimistic though the announcement of the BB10 delay made my heart literally skip a few beats. I can't even lie about that. BB10 HAS (can't say this enough) to drop on time and has to be the game changer that Thorsten is holding back to continually perfect. I respect the guy. He inherited a huge, untimely mess, but is still holding the BlackBerry car steady on the road. Until Thorsten throws the white flag, I will remain in Black(Berry)!

Read the official post on BlackBerry Blog.

So, there you have it. A little getting to know July's Fan of the Month. Congratulations, Kim from all of us at OSBB/OSBBx.

Don Berzley

Co-Founder of OSBB. BlackBerry 10 app developer. Father of a son with Cystic Fibrosis.

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