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A BIG congratulations to @AgentBlackBerry: this month's BlackBerry Fan of the Month!

Here at OSBB, we generally do not post the same old news that other BlackBerry blogs push out, rather we try to only post information that anyone who happens to visit us might find useful.  Normally we would not blog about the BlackBerry Fan of the Month (FOTM) winner (after all, that's usually something most of the major BlackBerry news blogs would blog about). Unfortunately, many of the major BlackBerry blogs simply did not take the time to congratulate the latest, and truly deserving, BlackBerry FOTM.  In keeping with our commitment to the ENTIRE Blackberry community, and in keeping with our policy of reporting the information that other blogs do not, we would like to congratulate this month's winner!

The entire OSBB team would like to extend a big congratulatory message to JT (@AgentBlackberry) from BBOS.  Of course with the name 'BBOS' being so similar to 'OSBB', how could we not say congrats? But in all seriousness, I would like to add a personal note here...

In the months leading up to BBWC/BB10 Jam in Orlando, I added at least 40 new BBM contacts, and most of those contacts were fellow bloggers, developers, and RIM employees. Joe from and JT, also from, were two of those new BBM contacts. I can honestly say, of all of my recently added contacts, JT is one of the most dedicated and passionate members of #TeamBlackBerry. So, we say again, congratulations JT! You deserve it man!

Make sure you read all about JT on the official Inside BlackBerry blog post announcing this month's FOTM.

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