Fresco theme from Pootermobile launches for OS7

From TWP blog:

This has been a long time coming…but it’s finally here! The World Of Pootermobile’s first OS7 theme!! Yaaaaaaaay! I had been holding back from making OS7 themes because the work-around was too confusing to me. But with the help of Dave from BBThemes and Doug from DrkApprentice comes Fresco OS7! The design of Fresco OS7 was obviously a “port” from my latest theme Fresco. For OS7 devices I was pretty much forced to use the default panels layout because custom themes on OS7 are way too buggy. Either way the same feel of Fresco is present. You get a nice clean banner at the top containing all the essentials along with a weather slot. Below I will explain how the weather slot works because it’s a bit different from custom themes. But enough of my rambling, if you have been waiting, and waiting for some Pootermobile goodness on your OS7 device the wait is over! So go to the links below to grab Fresco OS7!

(The theme is not available for Torch 9810/9850 yet. There are too many bugs that need to be worked out.)

Weather slot how-to: The icon that shows up in the top right of the banner is app number 19 in your app list. Move whatever icon you want up there to position number 19, then do a battery pull so the change can take effect. A battery pull is necessary there really isn’t a way around that.


  • Default OS7 layout
  • Weather slot
  • Wallpaper friendly
  • No carrier
  • Alarm icon is the small gray triangle on the bottom right corner of the top banner

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