#BB10Jam Tuesday Morning Summary - with Video!

General Session

So by now you've probably heard all the news about BlackBerry World/BlackBerry 10 Jam.

The morning General Session was totally awesome. Some of the new features of BB10 were demoed, and let me say I'm totally excited for some of the new features, and it seems like RIM is really turning up the innovation that they've been so often accused  of lacking by the popular media. Personally, the fully integrated message inbox is one of my favorite features. That and the amazing physical keyboard are the two biggest things that prevent me from having even seriously considering switching to a different platform, and it's awesome to see RIM continuing to expand and evolve the inbox.

Another truly amazing feature, one that I would never have thought of. The BB10 camera has a feature that let's you essentially transport sections of the picture back in time, to get rid of problems coming from people blinking and other picture problems. Truly revolutionary.

That's all I have on the General Session, but JD wrote up an excellent article on it you can check out at here.


BB10 Developer Session

Saunders kicked off the BB10 developer session with some quick Mythbusting.

Myth #1: it's hard to develop for BlackBerry.

My favorite bit here was when Heins said you don't have to be like Android developers trying to eek out a living on Ads. BlackBerry has a ton of development platforms; HTML5, Air, C++, Android, QT, and others.

Myth #2: Developers are leaving BlackBerry.

BlackBerry has actually had faster developer growth than any other platform. RIM gave away over 20,000 PlayBook to developers last year. In total, as of April 30th BBOS and TabletOS have 99,500 applications in The BlackBerry App World.

SAP demoed a map app they made that they've ported to BlackBerry 10. I was able to get a pic of it, but it was super blurry so it got deleted. Sorry. Using WebWorks, they had it running on BlackBerry 10 within 2 days.

Saunders announced the release of the BB10 developer toolkits, which in and of itself isn't all that interesting to most nondevelopers, but it means that upon release there should be plenty of BB10 apps upon release of BlackBerry10.

Saunders also announced that Developer support would go on the road in the future, allowing people who can't make it to major events like BB10 Jam or BBW will still be able to still meet with RIM.

One other cool announcement is that there will be making strides to help App World to avoid becoming the App "cesspool" that Google Play has become. Part of that is a certification process. RIM is so confident in this certification process that they are guaranteeing that every certified app will make $10,000 in the first year of BB10. If a certified app does not, RIM will personally pay the developer to make up the difference. That right there is confidence in a platform!

RIM had some former TAT employees (TAT was acquired by RIM) present some Cascades code that is already available opensource for developers. You can watch an awful looking and grainy video of a short segment of it that I filmed on my PlayBook:

Here's a brief view of a weather app that uses Cascades:

Using the provided Cascades sample, this weather app was made in just a week.

Wikitude came up and showed off some of the awesome Augmented Reality features they'll have in BB10! It looks like AR games will soon be possible for BlackBerry developers. Check out another grainy video, featuring Wikitude's BB10 app:

Magmic demoed there new Texas Holdem King Live game, which will run on BB10, PlayBook, and older OS5+ BlackBerrys. Video:

Last, we were shown some cool stuff by Marmalade. Here's a short video of Back Breaker running on a Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha:

Other than that, there was some talk about the SDKs and developer tools, but not much of general interest. As a summary, expect some awesome apps from BlackBerry devs to be immediately available on the launch of BB10!

And some more grainy pics:

So that's it for now, but as more things come up in BB10 Developer Jam that are interest to you as a reader, expect to see it posted here on OSBB!

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