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Impressions from the 2012 BlackBerry World Keynote


The above video shows the scene just before the keynote address began. While sitting there about to witness my first ever live, in-person BBWC keynote, I hoped RIM would deliver some material that would generate some excitement... Boy, did Thor deliver!

As Mr. Heins began his speech, he reaffirmed the community that RIM means business and plans to deliver a truly uncompromising and superior product with BlackBerry 10.  Here comes the exciting part! Mr. Heins began bringing some partners on stage to show off some of their creations for BlackBerry 10, and it was immediately evident that RIM had been working closely with some big content providers to bring some awesome experiences to BlackBerry 10 and the PlayBook.

Then, to my surprise, we get a live on stage demo (sneak peek) of the upcoming BlackBerry 10 user interface. I was shocked to see an actual working device being used to demonstrate some of the really cool and thoughtful features that will be present in the Blackberry 10 OS.

From the keynote, it was clear that RIM has big plans, and is executing those plans as we speak.  Real apps were shown off, real software was demonstrated live to a very large audience, and real passion drove every word spoken on stage.  During his time one stage, you could easily see the excitement Mr. Heins feels for the upcoming BlackBerry 10 platform--he was almost giddy!

More thoughts live from BlackBerry World Conference and BlackBerry 10 Jam to come on OSBB!

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