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How to Stop Work Emails from Popping Up On Your BB While at Work

So you’re at work with your BB lying on your desk (waiting for notifications from OSBB that a new hybrid has come out!) and your desktop computer notifies you that you have a new work email. Seconds later your BB notifies you of the same email! Arrgggghhhhh!!!! If you get a lot of emails, this can get a little annoying to say the least. You usually delete the email on your phone and answer the one on your desktop computer; full keyboard, big screen, it is just easier.

Here’s how to solve that. When you get to work and while you’re firing up the ole desktop, go into your BB Email Settings, log in to BIS, click on your work email and choose ‘Filters’ from your short menu. For ‘When no filters apply’ choose ‘Do not forward messages to the device’. Next set an appointment on your calendar for quitting time to remind you to go back into your email settings and edit the filter so it will forward to your BB again.

You don’t have to set an alarm on your calendar to remind you to turn on the filter in the morning when you get to work because when you get your first work email and your BB annoyingly alerts you of the same email . . . . believe me, that will remind you to turn on that filter.

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