PlayBook Users: App World Not Supported? Change your language!

Several people have reported today that they've been getting this error when they open App World on their BlackBerry PlayBook; as these complaints seem to be coming from the United States and the UK (which are most definitely supported countries) there seems to be some problem with RIM's servers.

Well not to fear, if you're encountering this the solution is fairly simple (although it may make your PlayBook seem a bit foreign to you *bad joke*). If you're having this issue, just open your device settings and change your language to something other than English, wait 30 seconds or so, and open App World again. French is what worked for me, other OSBB members reported that Deustch is what worked for them.

It's not the ideal solution, as the only French I speak is what I learned from Pepe Le Pew as a young child, but App World is pretty good about letting you know what's going on with the pictures, and a lot of app descriptions are still in English.

Thanks to @Brian_Enders for the tip!

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