Playbook OS showing up for some, includes Netflix!! (April Fools Joke)

Better put this notification here: This was an April Fools joke. I'll leave the .bar links up for a little while though, anyone who wants to send someone a Netflix app that seems like it's gonna work for about 15 seconds can probably use it for some fun.

Some people have reported that Playbook OS is showing up for them in Desktop Manager! It isn't showing up for me, but one of our tipsters extracted most the .bars from the Temporary directory and sent it to us!

Download the .bars from:

If you just want the and not the other files, I uploaded it separately here:

I'll post later about how the updates work, especially Netflix! Just wanted to throw up a quick blog post to let everyone know and share the download link for people who, like me, don't have an update showing up yet!

These bars can be sideloaded using any standard sideloading tool. I've loaded the Android App Player and Netflix so far, they work and a ten second look over suggests they're running great!

Update: it looks like when you sideload the .bars they don't overwrite the existing apps, but rather create new icons which show up at the bottom of your app list like any other sideloaded .bar.

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  • Some good April fools jokes are present on this page and these are so funny and I can’t control laughing while I was reading them. I want to get some allassignmenthelp about these kind of written jokes to buy them.

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  • Guest (Shane)

    I am sure that this would have been bought by so many people. It is in a way cruel to play a prank on people using such subjects where they have been eagerly waiting for. Anyway, I am glad to see that you could successfully pull a prank.
    internet explorer not responding

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