How to Use a Proxy on your Playbook

These instructions, complete with professional grade photography, will show you how to use your Playbook WiFi via a proxy. A Proxy acts as a mask for your internet device; internet sites you visit will detect your location as the proxy location. Using a country for another country will enable you to view content which might not be available in your own country. There's also a little something of App World charging different prices for apps in different countries, which could potentially be impacted by a proxy. 

I wrote these instructions for inclusion with my Tablet TV app, which is still pending approval in App World. I felt the information could be valuable to the BlackBerry community, so I've updated it a bit to make it more universally applicable and I'm posting it here. Before getting to the instructions, a very important disclaimer.

WARNING! Any information you enter into a Proxy might be accessible to the proxy owner! NEVER input ANY important personal information when using a proxy! OpenSourceBB and the Author of this article are NOT in ANY way, shape, or form responsible for anything that happens to you or your information as a result of your use of a proxy (up to and including spontaneous combustion and/or cranial implosion).

Please check all applicable laws before using a proxy with your Playbook.

All that being out of the way, let's get to the instructions :)

First you need to get a proxy url and port. Proxies can be obtained online; just google Proxy IP and you will get many results. The IP will be a 4-part number, something like, and the port will be a number like 80. 

Open the settings by clicking the settings icon in the top right hand corner of your BlackBerry Playbook. Open the WiFi tab (1 in the picture), go to saved networks (2 in the picture), and click on the WiFi network you're connected to or that you want to use for proxy access (3 in the picture).

 Scroll down to the four check boxes. Check the one that says "Use HTTP Proxy" - several new lines will appear (1 in the picture). Enter your Proxy IP and port (2 and 3 in the picture). For this example, I'm using an IP Address from Hungary,, and port 80. You probably don't need a user name or password unless one was listed where you got your proxy from. After you enter your information, click "Save and Connect" (4 in the picture).

That should be all you need to do! To make sure it's all set up right, visit an IP lookup site such as (shown below) and it should show the location and IP of the proxy you're using.

When you're done using a proxy, you should turn the proxy back off to return your WiFi location to normal. After all, when you use a proxy all your traffic goes through the proxy site, and you certainly wouldn't want to do any online banking or anything like that (at least, I wouldn't). Switching back is easy, just repeat step one to get back into the settings for your WiFi network and uncheck the proxy box so it looks like the picture below.

That's it! So now you know how to setup a proxy if you ever need to. Happy Playbooking :)

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    Thank you! Your quick guide was really quick and easy! Help me to set my proxy in 15 seconds. Good time! @WillianBR / Brazil

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    Is there any way that I could use a proxy on my blackberry 9810 troch?

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