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Losing your memory or is your Content Store getting too big?

I thought I was losing my memory...is that a memory leak??? What was happening to it? I start with 270+ after installing a most excellent OSBB hybrid and then...slowly...over a period of a few weeks my memory would deteriorate...on my BB too! Well I think I found out what the "memory leak" really is. It is 3rd party apps storing information in the Content Store. Over a period of time it can get HUGE! Mine got up to 20+ MB. What make matter worse is that when you backup and restore with DM, you just move that big ole Content Store from your BB to your back up and back to your BB again. Here is my memory after about a week.

To check how much is lost to the content store, go to Options, Device and Status Information, hit the menu key and select Database Sizes where you scroll down to Content Store.

The next time you hook up to DM, just select Delete Data from the menu, choose Specific Data and scroll down to Content Store (see below).

After you delete the Content Store, reboot and you’ll see you’ve recovered the same amount of data (see below)

I do this about once a week or so, when I do my regular back up.


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