Insight into the future of BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook

As I was rounding out my day and perusing the Blackberry/tech news for the day I came across an article from TheSpec that has some great insight into the current state of PlayBook and the future of BlackBerry 10. Senior Manager Michael Clewley talks PlayBook apps, Netflix, Skype, Twitter, and lots more so keep reading.

Regarding the recent launch of Tablet OS 2.0, Clewley says,

"This is a fantastic preview and a sneak peek into what BlackBerry 10 is going to offer...All of the plumbing is what is at the core of BlackBerry 10 and we're just going to add on those capabilities as we head down that path."

When it comes to the three seemingly most requested apps Netflix, Skype, and Twitter, Clewley states that it is up to the aforementioned companies to develop apps for the PlayBook, but that RIM is doing what they can to encourage it. When it comes to Netflix Clewley says there is a content rights issue (whatever that means).

Another statement that caught my eye is that Clewley acknowledges that sideloading apps is common and that RIM is not discouraging the practice.  TheSpec points out that..

RIM's managing director of global sales and regional marketing, Patrick Spence, even retweeted a link on Thursday to the fan site, which walks users through the process of sideloading apps to the PlayBook.

 Other interesting tidbits:

  • There are currently about 10,000 PlayBook apps and there are thousands of more coming soon.
  • PlayBook users will eventually be able to update their tablets to BlackBerry 10 ( and more releases coming between now and then)

Source: TheSpec 

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