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BlackBerry PlayBook OS Released!

This has been the moment all BlackBerry PlayBook users have been waiting for! FINALLY! We have PlayBook OS2.0 in our hands. Quickly hit that "Check for updates" button and start downloading. For those who are upgrading from OS 1.0.8, here are the list of some of the features you will be getting.

New Features

  • Native Email, Calendar, and Contacts
  • Deep integration with social networks
  • Android Apps
  • Bridge 2.0 - Including BlackBerry Remote/Open on PlayBook
  • Folders and Icon Dock
  • Video Store
  • Print2Go
  • Predictive Keyboard
  • LED Functionality
  • A2DP Bluetooth

Updated Features

  • Updated Docs2Go (create and edit PowerPoint)
  • Huge improvements to the Browser (Best mobile browser)
  • YouTube App
  • Video Chat
  • Facebook

So, enjoy the goodness (there is plenty)! As for us, we now will sleep (aka play on our PlayBooks).  Check with us later today for more details.

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