New BlackBerry Bridge App Released in Anticipation of Playbook OS2 - OTA download from OSBB

It looks like Playbook OS2 is definitely right around the corner - BlackBerry Bridge v2.0.0.25 has officially launched in BlackBerry App World. You can download it directly from App World at If it's not showing up, you can reset the App World cache by holding alt and typing "rst".

Or, you can download it directly from OpenSourceBB at - note that this version was downloaded from an OS6 BlackBerry, and while it should work on any OS, cannot be guaranteed to work for you. For the best results, download directly from BlackBerry App World.

The new Bridge comes in at 3.1 megabytes, and according to App World has the following new features:

Use your smartphone's keyboard trackpad and touchscreen to remotely control your Playbook tablet

Open attachments, files, and Browser URLs directly on your Playbook tablet from your BlackBerry Smartphone's menu

Copy/Paste from anywhere in BlackBerry Bridge Playbook apps

Use Device Properties menu to turn on and off BlackBerry Bridge email, calendar, and address book accounts

Improved stability with multiple pairing and connectivity bug fixes

*Note: Bridge Remote Control feature requires BlackBerry Tablet OS v2.0 to be installed on your tablet.

Now some users are reporting that the Remote function is working fine with with the latest 2.0 beta, and even 1.0.8 (you might need to delete and re add the bridge connection on your Playbook). If that's the case, awesome! If we're lucky, things like email and other native apps will also work on the older OSes if you sideload the bar for them, and those of us who want to keep root access will be able to enjoy the new features of OS2 without losing bridge functionality :)

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