Editorial: Users report iMessage not working; BBM running fine


We all know that BBM has flaws; for one, being dependent on RIM's servers, there's always a chance that something will happen and BBM messages won't send. I'm sure a lot of BlackBerry users remember last October when RIM's servers did indeed go down for a few days; emails were often delayed for many (myself included), and didn't work at all for some. BBM was also, of course, negatively impacted.

I also remember the outrage from popular tech blogs, and the calls for RIM to "do something" to compensate users for the downtime. I also remember reading numerous remarks about how iMessage was going to pick up all kinds of popularity as a result of the outage.

It looks like something similar might be going on now - Twitter is aflutter with reports of iMessage not working properly and messages not sending. https://twitter.com/#!/search/imessage for all kinds of details about it. There's two things I'm not seeing though - blogger outrage and demands that apple make good for the loss of service. Maybe that's because, unlike BBM, iMessage is just a trend that no one really needs or takes seriously. Somewhat amusingly, a search for "iMessage outage" brings up more hits about the October BlackBerry outage than it does about iMessage being down.

*This article, although reporting on a news event, is entirely my opinion and does not reflect any particular stance of OSBB.

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