DGEN SEGA Genesis/Megadrive emulator ported to PlayBook!

Boy! This is getting better and better. Another emulator has surfaced, and this time it comes to us from 'froggyface'. According to the developer responsible for the port:

"This port was trickier than other ports because a few files are generated for example the 68k core  and it required some third party library for certain features called OpenIL/DevIL which I've put on my github [which can be found here]  page it appears to be very powerful , overkill for an emulator!"

Overall, the emulator is reported to run smoothly, but it is an early build so expect some features to be missing.

For more info read the developer's post and definitely let us know how it works for you!

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    Sega Genesis was one of the best thebestessayshelp.net that I ever had. I still want it and I hope that I can get it as I am in dire need of it, again, haha. I have the old version but it’s not working for me anymore.

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