OSBB will go offline to protest SOPA (and PIPA)

At OSBB, we don't like to get political, and we accept all individuals into the OSBB family (and treat them as such).  However, when it comes to internet freedom and freedom in general, OSBB has a strong belief in the preservation of the free exchange of ideas and information via the world wide web.

In accordance with these values, OSBB will be taken offline on Wednesday, January 18, 2012 from 9AM CST to 9PM CST. During this 12-hour period all visitors to OpenSourceBB.com and any of it's sub-directories will be redirected to a webpage outlining why were are offline and containing informational links about SOPA (and PIPA) and what you can do to stop SOPA.

While our main site will be offline, we are committed to keeping the BlackBerry community informed and will be broadcasting any important BlackBerry news and information via our official Twitter account @OpenSourceBB

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