OSBB gets a Makeover for 2012!

First and foremost, HAPPY NEW YEAR fellow BlackBerry aficionados!

We just want to start by saying thank you to our OSBB family for capping off 2011 with a bang. Everyone from general blog subscribers, to authors, editors, and administrators, is responsible for really getting the word out and putting OSBB at the fingertips of tens of thousands of BlackBerry users. From 24,000 visitors in November to 45,000 visitors during the month of December! How awesome is that!? What makes it even better is that we could not have done it without all of you. Each and every member of #TeamOSBB has contributed to our success. In the first 11 days of 2012, we have seen nearly 55,000 visitors! So our hat goes off to you for starting the year off with a bang.

As you may have noticed, there are a lot of great things that have happened with the site for BlackBerry users, with even more to come! Here at OSBB, we plan on keeping you up to speed with all the latest happenings in the BlackBerry world, as we did last year. This week CES in Las Vegas had some great eye candy for BlackBerry users. We are just as excited to continue to bring you hybrids, themes, news, and the occasional rant :lol: . This is going to be the year when RIM reestablishes itself as a power player in mobile computing. RIM knows it is time to go big, or go home, and it MUST go big. We will continue to bring you the latest news and OS leaks as we work very hard to be accurate and consistent (but never boring). We will be here to answer questions for you as the popularity of the PlayBook grows, and as former users realize the error of their ways and come back into the fold. We will learn and grow with you.

With all that said and credit given where credit is due, OSBB would also like to start the year off with a new look. BlackBerry says to #BeBold, so we are! The new layout features great content navigation, a slick new blog layout, multiple tabs, menus to offer a deeper breadth of content to you, plus features to make OSBB more user-friendly. The new site is geared towards simplicity with an emphasis on function.

While the site may look quite a bit different, we stand by our commitment to provide you with an ad-free experience that is truly open to everyone. We want you to be given a chance to be heard and have the ability to feel like you are part of something (not just a member with no influence). OSBB is built on open discussion and a community-oriented atmosphere. Make your voice heard on OSBB! Did you know that you can even submit blog posts to us? If it's well-written and relevant, we WILL publish it! If that's not your style, then make your voice heard in our forums.

We truly hope our new website layout makes your experience more pleasant, and our members are more committed than ever to bringing you relevant and accurate content daily! And as always go #TeamBlackBerry and #TeamOSBB !

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