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Shane Cridlebaugh

Shane Cridlebaugh

Co-founder and legal nay-sayer of OSBB. Owner of SCrApps Application Development, WebWorks aficionado, Open Source contributor. SCrid2000 on most blogs. I build awesome BlackBerry apps when I'm not doing legal work or spending time with my wife and two boys.

Follow me on Twitter - @GShaneC

Check out my apps in BlackBerry World

Website URL:
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Netflix Petition on

This morning Alec Saunders (@asaunders, VP Developer Relations at RIM) retweeted an link to an online petition on to Netflix to get a Playbook app.

While I don't have a Netflix account anymore, I figured it wouldn't hurt to sign this to let Netflix know (again) that people are interested.

As of right now, the petition has almost 250 signitures.

Head on over and sign it BlackBerry users!

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Download Android Apps directly to your PC for sideloading

Update No2: The developer, after pulling the plugin yesterday, made it available again with a modification that  prevents you from downloading paid apps with the plugin. Although this might prevent you from downloading apps which you paid for, I believe it is an excellent remedy for a valid concern. And remember, you can always extract any apps you've purchased from your Android phone (although please check the developer's terms of use before you load it on your Playbook to make sure it's ok for you to do so).

This morning I saw an article over on Android Central that I thought might be useful for Playbook owners who want to be able to get Android .apks for conversion and sideloading onto their BlackBerry Playbook.

*Note - to the best of my understanding you'll need an Android device with access to the Android Market to get everything set up - I used my NookColor and it worked like a charm. If anyone finds a way around this requirement, post in the comments!

As you probably know, the official Playbook OS2 blocked Dingleberry, and along with the loss of root access came the loss of the Android Market. Let's face it, most of the Android apps in the BlackBerry App World suck, and a lot of the most wanted apps (kindle, Dropbox, Google Maps, etc) aren't there. A lot of Playbook owners know how to convert an .apk into a .bar (and the process is made even easier by using the BBH Tool or by using RIM's web interface), but getting the .apk can be a little difficult - cue APK Downloader :)

APK Downloader is a Chrome Extension that allows you to directly download Android Apps from the Android Market onto your PC. The original writeup and info can be found at, which is the official blog for redphx (the developer of the plugin and several android apps). He gives a pretty good writeup, but I'll summarize the steps to get APK Downloader working.

Note that any harm that comes to your PC, personal info, or other possessions due to reliance on this is not the fault of OpenSourceBB (standard disclaimer ;))

0. Make sure you have Google Chrome 17 installed on your PC.

1. Download/Install the plugin directly from redphx's blog. A new tab will open, and should have a notification at the top about needing to disable SSL error warnings. If a new tab doesn't open, right click on the APK Downloader icon in the address bar and select "Options."

2. You have to set Chrome to ignore SSL error warnings. This is done by right-clicking the chrome shortcut icon, and adding " --ignore-certificate-errors" (with a space before the --, without the quotes) to the target under the shortcut field. It will look something like: "C:\…\chrome.exe" --ignore-certificate-errors

3. Close and reopen Chrome.

4. The tab opened by APK Downloader should no longer have the message about disabling SSL error warnings. You'll need to enter your Android Market email, password, and device ID. I'll admit, I was a little nervous about entering my email and password in here. However, redphx posted the source code for APK Downloader, and you can review it if you're concerned about your information being stolen.

5. You probably don't know your Device ID, but you can get it using this app: I converted it to a .bar, but it wouldn't run on my Playbook so it looks like you'll need an actual Android device.

6. After logging in, you can navigate to any Android Market App page, and click the APK Downloader icon in the Address bar to download the .apk to your desktop!

Once you've got the .apk, all you have to do is convert it to a .bar and sideload it onto your Playbook!

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Netflix declares no intent to support BlackBerry - A Call To Action

A couple hours ago Netflix tweeted that they have no intentions to support BlackBerry, or the BlackBerry Playbook.

Personally I think this is a ridiculously bad business decision, but it doesn't really matter what I think; what matters is what Netflix executives think. So this is an OpenSourceBB Call To Action, requesting that any readers who agree with us that Netflix should support BlackBerry, and especially the BlackBerry PlayBook contact Netflix to let them know you're displeased with this choice.

I personally intend to discontinue my Netflix account (I don't really use it much anymore anyway) - if they don't want to support my device, I don't want to support them.

You can contact Netflix to let them know you're displeased with this choice:

By Phone: 1-877-742-1480

Via Twitter: @Netflixhelps

Fax: 1.4085403737

And heck, you can even spam their blog:

I couldn't find a for-sure email address for them, but if you have an account you can login there. I also found this info that might work on Google. I don't know if any of it is legit.

Netflix Customer Service
(800) 279-5688
(888) 638-3549
(800) 585-8131Physical Address
Netflix, Inc.
100 Winchester Circle
Los Gatos, CA 95032
Headquaters Phone
(408) 540-3700
Headquaters Fax
(408) 540-3737
Public Relations
(408) 540-3939
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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BlackBerry Developer Giveaway Tablets beginning to Arrive!

After the awesome unadulterated gloriousness of Playbook OS2 officially dropping in the wee hours of the AM (an event which my attendance earned me considerable rebuke from my tired wife), it looks like #Twosday has continued to be awesome. I arrived home from campus just a scant few minutes ago, only to find another gift from RIM awaiting my return.

It looks like the Free Playbooks sent to developers from a few weeks ago have begun to arrive! I personally fulfilled the requirements on Friday the 10th and my Playbook arrived today (the 21st) which is 7 business days. Strangely, I never got a tracking number from RIM, but as long as the Playbook arrived safely I'm not complaining!

For some reason I kept getting an error while attempting to load the terms to accept BBID, so I'm currently doing a security restore via Desktop Manager.

For those of us who have a Playbook coming, I hope you get yours soon! If you've already got yours, sound off in the comments!

Download PB OS as a .zip file for Sideloading Bars

Want to download an all-bar copy of the Official Playbook OS The OSBB team has got you covered! Just head on over to our Playbook OS Download page ( and you can download it now! Or get the direct download at
Unfortunatly not all the official 2.0 apps (read Contacts, Calendar, Email) will work when sideloaded onto a new OS. Regardless, you can download it and do what you want with it!

Some pics of BlackBerry Remote and other new Bridge features

I wanted to post some pics of the new Bridge Remote while I take a 5 minute break from playing with the remote - not gonna lie, it's pretty awesome. I need to hook my Playbook to my TV and use the BlackBerry remote from my couch :D

One cool feature about the new Bridge is that you can choose what items will be pushed to your Playbook over bridge.

And of course, Bridge Remote :D

You can optionally add an icon for the bridge remote onto your BlackBerry homescreen

If you open the menu in the keyboard section, there's some interesting keys - maybe we'll be controlling our PC's with out BlackBerry's pretty soon? I'm personally hoping for an entire PC Bridge application, complete with BBM! Something I've wanted for a long time!

The icons for Bridge have all changed too - not that big a deal but something.

This was supposed to be a pic of the pointer, but apparently screenshots don't capture it :( just like the print screen feature on Windows.

View on Playbook - I just noticed this one thanks to CrackBerry - in the browser there's an option to send a page to your Playbook browser, which also launches  the Remote app - pretty nifty!

UPDATE! Using Remote over bridge with my Playbook connected to the TV over HDMI - TOTALLY FREAKING AWESOME! (Notice the pointer in the lower left)

I may update this post as I find more new goodies, but so far, pretty awesome stuff! Especially the potential of Bridge for Windows!

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New BlackBerry Bridge App Released in Anticipation of Playbook OS2 - OTA download from OSBB

It looks like Playbook OS2 is definitely right around the corner - BlackBerry Bridge v2.0.0.25 has officially launched in BlackBerry App World. You can download it directly from App World at If it's not showing up, you can reset the App World cache by holding alt and typing "rst".

Or, you can download it directly from OpenSourceBB at - note that this version was downloaded from an OS6 BlackBerry, and while it should work on any OS, cannot be guaranteed to work for you. For the best results, download directly from BlackBerry App World.

The new Bridge comes in at 3.1 megabytes, and according to App World has the following new features:

Use your smartphone's keyboard trackpad and touchscreen to remotely control your Playbook tablet

Open attachments, files, and Browser URLs directly on your Playbook tablet from your BlackBerry Smartphone's menu

Copy/Paste from anywhere in BlackBerry Bridge Playbook apps

Use Device Properties menu to turn on and off BlackBerry Bridge email, calendar, and address book accounts

Improved stability with multiple pairing and connectivity bug fixes

*Note: Bridge Remote Control feature requires BlackBerry Tablet OS v2.0 to be installed on your tablet.

Now some users are reporting that the Remote function is working fine with with the latest 2.0 beta, and even 1.0.8 (you might need to delete and re add the bridge connection on your Playbook). If that's the case, awesome! If we're lucky, things like email and other native apps will also work on the older OSes if you sideload the bar for them, and those of us who want to keep root access will be able to enjoy the new features of OS2 without losing bridge functionality :)

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RIM contacting Devs to confirm Free Playbook; UPDATE! shipping confirmation emails also going out!

It looks like RIM is contacting developers who submitted an application during the free Playbook submission period! The email looks like this:

Your app submission has been successfully received by the team at BlackBerry App World, putting you on the road to qualify for the free BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Offer 2012. The BlackBerry App World team reviews each app based on the Vendor Guidelines and we’ll notify you as soon as we have determined if your app qualifies for the free tablet offer.

When your app is approved, you will receive an additional email notice requesting a shipping address for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

If you receive notice that your app has not been accepted, don’t give up. You can modify and resubmit that app for approval as long as the app was originally submitted during the qualifying period. We will do our best to promptly review each application submission. However, we cannot guarantee a decision within a specific timeframe.

We appreciate the time and effort you have put into developing an app for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. We’re pleased and excited to have your applications on our platform and look forward to shared success and a long relationship.

Happy coding!

The BlackBerry Developer Program team

P.S. You are welcome to submit multiple entries for consideration, but only one BlackBerry PlayBook tablet will be awarded per registered vendor in BlackBerry App World.

If you didn't get an email, don't despair - the entry period isn't even over yet!

For the official rules for the free Playbook offer, head over to

UPDATE: If your app has been accepted for publication to BlackBerry App World, you'll soon be getting an email like this one:

We’re pleased to inform you that your app submission qualifies for the free BlackBerry PlayBook tablet offer.

To receive your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, there is one additional requirement. Please complete the shipping information requested here (link removed).

You’ll receive notification when your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is about to ship. Thanks for the time and effort you’ve invested in creating an app and participating in this offer. Good luck in your app development pursuits!

Warm regards,

The BlackBerry Developer Program team

P.S. You are welcome to submit multiple entries for consideration, but only one BlackBerry PlayBook tablet will be awarded per registered vendor in BlackBerry App World.

Hopefully plenty of other Developers have gotten this email as well. I'll write more about it later, but for now I need to fill out some shipping info!

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Editorial: Users report iMessage not working; BBM running fine


We all know that BBM has flaws; for one, being dependent on RIM's servers, there's always a chance that something will happen and BBM messages won't send. I'm sure a lot of BlackBerry users remember last October when RIM's servers did indeed go down for a few days; emails were often delayed for many (myself included), and didn't work at all for some. BBM was also, of course, negatively impacted.

I also remember the outrage from popular tech blogs, and the calls for RIM to "do something" to compensate users for the downtime. I also remember reading numerous remarks about how iMessage was going to pick up all kinds of popularity as a result of the outage.

It looks like something similar might be going on now - Twitter is aflutter with reports of iMessage not working properly and messages not sending.!/search/imessage for all kinds of details about it. There's two things I'm not seeing though - blogger outrage and demands that apple make good for the loss of service. Maybe that's because, unlike BBM, iMessage is just a trend that no one really needs or takes seriously. Somewhat amusingly, a search for "iMessage outage" brings up more hits about the October BlackBerry outage than it does about iMessage being down.

*This article, although reporting on a news event, is entirely my opinion and does not reflect any particular stance of OSBB.

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Leaked BB X (BlackBerry 10) London Photo via Crackberry!

[poll id="2"]

You've probably read by now that some pics of the upcoming first BB X device (London) have been leaked. While I personally probably won't be getting this one (I'm a QWERTY guy), I'm not gonna pretend it doesn't look amazing.

Ricky over at Berryreview mentioned that RIM has been testing TI OMAP5 and Qualcomm processors that are clocked around 1.5ghz, which is more than my last laptop lol. With that much processing power, to put it in Ronen's words, the spinning clock should be a thing of the past.

No other specs are known about the London yet (or at least, not known by me); but based on the pic, it would appear that the London has at a front facing camera and a rear camera with flash, the classic RIM led, and is (of course) running BB X.

It appears that RIM has done away with convenience keys and a trackpad (two things which I personally would miss), at least in the all-touch London.

All in all, the London looks freakin sexy in my opinion, and while I won't be buying one myself, I'd be more than happy to take one as a donation from any OpenSourceBB readers :D

Sound off in the comments and vote in our poll letting us know what you think about the London!

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