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Jeremy Duke

Jeremy Duke

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Turn your Wordpress site in to a native BlackBerry app (for free)!


If you haven't noticed, OpenSourceBB now has an official native BlackBerry app! (you can download here OTA). The best thing about our app is that is was completely free from JoeMobi! Currently, only native apps for BlackBerry handsets are supported, but HTML5 and Android support is coming soon!

Joe Mobi is a both a Wordpress plug-in and a website where you can setup, design, and share your custom app.  From their website, you upload your logo, set the color scheme for your app, provide the url of your Wordpress blog, click publish, and you are done!

Hit the break to read more

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Polarbit answers your questions...


Earlier today, we reached out to Polarbit to get some answers to questions submitted to us via our Twitter followers. Not only did Polarbit respond, but Yann, with Polarbit, responded extremely promptly. Polarbit believes the Playbook is a great platform for gaming... Hit the break to read the full interview.

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RIM wants boots on the ground in Silicon Valley

In an article dated October 20, 2011, Bloomberg is reporting that the new head of developer relations at RIM, Alec Saunders, wants "...a team on the ground here in Silicon Valley, going to developer events and meeting with developers all the time."

The information in the Bloomberg article is gleamed from a DevCon interview with Mr. Saunders.  Bloomberg also spends the usual amount of time discussing RIM's prospects and casting doubt on whether or not RIM has enough time to recover and remain a major player in a market RIM helped to create.

At OSBB, we are quickly embracing Alec Saunder's technique, as he is really focusing on telling RIM's story and recruiting developers--which is what he is supposed to do. So, what do you guys think?

Click here to read the entire Bloomberg Article

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Replace your defunct Bridge apps on Playbook 2.0

From the team that brought you the original 'workaround' for Blackberry Bridge on Playbook OS2, comes another and even easier way to utilize BlackBerry Bridge apps.

The original workaround we posted required you to use your main Internet browser or Bridge Browser, and you would have to use tabs to switch between Bridge apps.  Well, with the encouragement of @blkscorp33 , I created new "apps' that can operate in a standalone fashion--freeing up your browser and tabs.

Hit the break to get the goods...

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Why do all the Android apps not work!? Answer inside...

Why do all these Android apps that people are trying side load onto their Playbooks not work? Well, the answer is ... 1) Regardless of what you think, Android is not totally open source, and 2) the Playbook is not running Android natively, but rather in an emulator of sorts.

Hit the break to find out exactly which APIs and functions are not supported.

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Playbook 2.0 OS features all new YouTube app!(thanks @BBMorDie)

@BBMorDie let us know that the Playbook 2.0 OS has a completely revamped YouTube app. Check it out. The app features login, upload, and all the features you would expect in a YouTube app!

The only problem I have with it is the fact that  you cannot view subscriptions :(  But overall, a HUUUUGE improvement.

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Want BBM and other Bridge functions on your Playbook 2.0 OS?

Everyone who has the 2.0 OS on your Playbook has probably noticed that BB Bridge connects, but the Bridge apps do no function.  Well, it appears they are broken intentionally.

Do this... 1) Connect your Playbook to you BlackBerry via BB bridge through the normal pairing procedure. 2)  Now, Fire up your bridge browser and head over to http:

What happens? you get BBM on your Playbook :)

Now try the same address but replace "/bbm/'  with '/messages/'



-You cannot access the file browser currently to attach files to emails or BBM

-Also, external links will not open the browser when tapped

(we are working on both of these issues)

Alternatively if you simply visit you will get a menu allowing you to choose your destination (see image up top)

What happens? Messages on your Playbook via bridge! Magic!

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The Official OSBB Devcon Predictions List

With DevCon Americas 2011 just days away, we have a few predictions for this year's big event...

  • Blackberry Tablet OS renamed and version 2.0 demoed and announced (possibly released via Beta Zone)
  • Lots of Playbook news with some key app launches (PIM included)
  • BBX timeline/roadmap will be detailed
  • Since there are Android related hackathons, Android Player release should be expected.
  • BBX devices on display in some capacity (@79Stanger)
This list will continue to grow.
Do you have predictions? Sound off on Twitter using the hashtag #osbbdevcon or in the comments below and we will add them to this post!
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New Playbook Game first to feature Scoreloop integration?!

Being the insomniac that I am, at 3:30 AM while perusing YouTube, I stumbled across a trailer for a new Playbook game entitled 'Dummy Jake, and the great fall.'  The game is created with the NDK and looks pretty fun, but the most interesting thing is the fact that it is the first game (that I am aware of) to have Scoreloop integration. I know RIM acquired Scoreloop back in June, but we have not seen anything utilizing Scoreloop until now. Anyway, it's late, but I thought this deserved a post.

Hit the break for video.

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