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Jeremy Duke

Jeremy Duke

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Fresco theme from Pootermobile launches for OS7

From TWP blog:

This has been a long time coming…but it’s finally here! The World Of Pootermobile’s first OS7 theme!! Yaaaaaaaay! I had been holding back from making OS7 themes because the work-around was too confusing to me. But with the help of Dave from BBThemes and Doug from DrkApprentice comes Fresco OS7! The design of Fresco OS7 was obviously a “port” from my latest theme Fresco. For OS7 devices I was pretty much forced to use the default panels layout because custom themes on OS7 are way too buggy. Either way the same feel of Fresco is present. You get a nice clean banner at the top containing all the essentials along with a weather slot. Below I will explain how the weather slot works because it’s a bit different from custom themes. But enough of my rambling, if you have been waiting, and waiting for some Pootermobile goodness on your OS7 device the wait is over! So go to the links below to grab Fresco OS7!

(The theme is not available for Torch 9810/9850 yet. There are too many bugs that need to be worked out.)

Weather slot how-to: The icon that shows up in the top right of the banner is app number 19 in your app list. Move whatever icon you want up there to position number 19, then do a battery pull so the change can take effect. A battery pull is necessary there really isn’t a way around that.


  • Default OS7 layout
  • Weather slot
  • Wallpaper friendly
  • No carrier
  • Alarm icon is the small gray triangle on the bottom right corner of the top banner

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Impressions from the 2012 BlackBerry World Keynote


The above video shows the scene just before the keynote address began. While sitting there about to witness my first ever live, in-person BBWC keynote, I hoped RIM would deliver some material that would generate some excitement... Boy, did Thor deliver!

As Mr. Heins began his speech, he reaffirmed the community that RIM means business and plans to deliver a truly uncompromising and superior product with BlackBerry 10.  Here comes the exciting part! Mr. Heins began bringing some partners on stage to show off some of their creations for BlackBerry 10, and it was immediately evident that RIM had been working closely with some big content providers to bring some awesome experiences to BlackBerry 10 and the PlayBook.

Then, to my surprise, we get a live on stage demo (sneak peek) of the upcoming BlackBerry 10 user interface. I was shocked to see an actual working device being used to demonstrate some of the really cool and thoughtful features that will be present in the Blackberry 10 OS.

From the keynote, it was clear that RIM has big plans, and is executing those plans as we speak.  Real apps were shown off, real software was demonstrated live to a very large audience, and real passion drove every word spoken on stage.  During his time one stage, you could easily see the excitement Mr. Heins feels for the upcoming BlackBerry 10 platform--he was almost giddy!

More thoughts live from BlackBerry World Conference and BlackBerry 10 Jam to come on OSBB!

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Blaq for BlackBerry PlayBook 1.7.2 now available


The good people over at Kisai Labs have just announced the release of the latest version of their popular Twitter Client for PlayBook:

From Kisai Labs:

Blaq for BlackBerry® PlayBook™ 1.7.2 is now available for download.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Clicking on a tweet in a conversation or tweets list for users opens the tweet in the tweet card
  • Clicking on a user in followers or following opens the user’s profile

And here are some bug fixes:

  • Retweet failures
  • Search results are sometimes not tappable
  • Search view not rendered properly switching from portrait to landscape
  • Avatars in swipe-down menu are larger than intended
  • Links within DMs are no longer clickable
  • Tweet card showing under search list
  • Mini-browser appears above options
  • links in search
  • Tweet card options menu shows behind tweet card in search

As always, if you’re having an issue, do not hesitate to contact support by using the contact form, sending a mention to @KisaiLabs or @Blaq

If you don’t have Blaq, now’s a great time to give it a try:

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Fat Fingers for BlackBerry PlayBook now in App World

FatFingers is an application for finding misspelt items on eBay. Compatible with most major eBay websites, this application is sure to save you money on your eBay shopping.

The application is based of the website I had never really used the FatFingers service, but what struck me about the app was the very nice design of the application itself!


If you are an eBay power user then I could see where this app/service would come in quite handy when trying to score a super low price on an item.

If you, indeed, are an eBay power user, FatFingers is available for $1.99 in App World here

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Important information regarding OSBB app for PlayBook update v1.5


Today, an update for the OSBB PlayBook app v1.5 has gone live in App World!

We are very excited about this, but  we need to ask a favor of you!

The new OSBB app no longer relies on the Android runtime, and when going from Android app, to native PlayBook app via App World update, there seems to be an issue.

Due to the way the Android runtime functions on PlayBook, it may be necessary for users to delete the previous version of the OSBB app, reboot their PlayBook, and then re-install the updated application. There have also been reports that simply uninstalling and reinstalling via App World will also work.

The OSBB PlayBook app can be downloaded via BlackBerry App World HERE

Please let us know if you have problems, and get excited for version 2.0 of the OSBB app which will go live soon!

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Very useful application Star CSV now available for PlayBook


If you are like me, you need applications that can help your business thrive (which is one reason I love BlackBerry). Documents-to-Go comes preloaded on the PlayBook and it is very useful, but unfortunately the spreadsheet application cannot open/import and parse CSV files.  I have to deal with CSV files on a daily basis for inventory reasons and also for viewing reports from my App World seller account.


However, I can now open and edit CSV files on my PlayBook via the new app Star CSV! I may be a dork, but this excites me! The app is available now for 99 cents and is not a converted Android app.

The app runs well and functions as advertised, so I definitely recommend this one if you have a need to open and edit CSV files from your PlayBook.

Pick the app up in App World here

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Insight into the future of BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook

As I was rounding out my day and perusing the Blackberry/tech news for the day I came across an article from TheSpec that has some great insight into the current state of PlayBook and the future of BlackBerry 10. Senior Manager Michael Clewley talks PlayBook apps, Netflix, Skype, Twitter, and lots more so keep reading.

Regarding the recent launch of Tablet OS 2.0, Clewley says,

"This is a fantastic preview and a sneak peek into what BlackBerry 10 is going to offer...All of the plumbing is what is at the core of BlackBerry 10 and we're just going to add on those capabilities as we head down that path."

When it comes to the three seemingly most requested apps Netflix, Skype, and Twitter, Clewley states that it is up to the aforementioned companies to develop apps for the PlayBook, but that RIM is doing what they can to encourage it. When it comes to Netflix Clewley says there is a content rights issue (whatever that means).

Another statement that caught my eye is that Clewley acknowledges that sideloading apps is common and that RIM is not discouraging the practice.  TheSpec points out that..

RIM's managing director of global sales and regional marketing, Patrick Spence, even retweeted a link on Thursday to the fan site, which walks users through the process of sideloading apps to the PlayBook.

 Other interesting tidbits:

  • There are currently about 10,000 PlayBook apps and there are thousands of more coming soon.
  • PlayBook users will eventually be able to update their tablets to BlackBerry 10 ( and more releases coming between now and then)

Source: TheSpec 

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