Some pics of BlackBerry Remote and other new Bridge features

I wanted to post some pics of the new Bridge Remote while I take a 5 minute break from playing with the remote - not gonna lie, it's pretty awesome. I need to hook my Playbook to my TV and use the BlackBerry remote from my couch :D

One cool feature about the new Bridge is that you can choose what items will be pushed to your Playbook over bridge.

And of course, Bridge Remote :D

You can optionally add an icon for the bridge remote onto your BlackBerry homescreen

If you open the menu in the keyboard section, there's some interesting keys - maybe we'll be controlling our PC's with out BlackBerry's pretty soon? I'm personally hoping for an entire PC Bridge application, complete with BBM! Something I've wanted for a long time!

The icons for Bridge have all changed too - not that big a deal but something.

This was supposed to be a pic of the pointer, but apparently screenshots don't capture it :( just like the print screen feature on Windows.

View on Playbook - I just noticed this one thanks to CrackBerry - in the browser there's an option to send a page to your Playbook browser, which also launches  the Remote app - pretty nifty!

UPDATE! Using Remote over bridge with my Playbook connected to the TV over HDMI - TOTALLY FREAKING AWESOME! (Notice the pointer in the lower left)

I may update this post as I find more new goodies, but so far, pretty awesome stuff! Especially the potential of Bridge for Windows!

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